Sport massasge

Is it true that sport massage goes deeper into muscles and treats muscles better? We get some calls from our clients who want sports massage just because it is “deeper” and “stronger” massage. 

Main basic massage technique for treating muscles is classical massage technique. So if you have pain in your muscles because of stress or too much sitting and want to get god muscle massage it should be enough with classical massage. That’s because it is classical massage which have main focus on massaging muscles.

When it comes to sport massage is it main focus on making body stronger, train the body and sometimes rehabilitate after hard physical work. Sport massage includes a lot of “joints techniques” together with “muscles techniques”. Therapists not only massage but also move body in different ways to train joins. That’s why a proper sport massage is the most demanding massage type which exists. It is a hard work for sport massage therapist.

So if you just have muscle pain because of some lifestyle problems or stress your choice should be classical massage, but if you are on some training program, preparing to sport competitions or just have heavy physical job sport massage will help you to achieve your goals quicker and keep you in a good physical form./p>