As a massage therapist I work a lot with trigger points. I started as a just classical massage therapist, but after some years of working experience I found out that muscles could be released much quicker if I add trigger points massage to my standard classical techniques. In addition to that some blocked energy could be released in a body with the help of trigger points, which is not possible to achieve with just classical treatment.

What are they those magical trigger points?

A map of trigger points on our body

Trigger points are hyperirritable spots typically located on our muscles the size of about 2-10 mm.

According to Chinese Medicine those point are basic elements to be treated. In contrast to European Medicine which is based on chemical pills, surgery and implants. Chinese Medicine uses potential of our own body and also teaches body how to prevent further diseases. This medicine is based on a thousand-years experience (from 221 BC. e.) and is basically a knowledge about how to deal with trigger points.

Are they real those points?

At the end of the last century was founded that there is an electric current of 5.5 - 11 microamps in each trigger point. And even more, if a person gets a disease the electric current in corresponding trigger point increases.

So trigger point is a place where neither the skin nor the muscles nor the bones interrupt exchange of energy / electricity / QI between the body and surroundings. Through those can be the energy of our body affected.