I am a classical massage therapist who got shock by starting massage work here in Norway in 2006.

I am from a country where massage is quit popular and good developed area.

First thing to did was publishing an advertisment to a newspaper saying: "Massage - telephone number" which I though was good enough to start. The same day I got a lot of calls from different men who wanted to buy sex. For me it was more than strange. I did not expect that at all. That was very frustrating, nobody appreciated the job I did! It looked like nobody knew anything about massage.

What is massage and what is it good for?

DIN HARMONI hudpleieseminar

The main goal of massage therapy is to adjust body to a proper form, to make muscles and skeleton functioning as they are supposed to do. Muscles hold our skeleton and by treating muscles the skeleton is affected.

Our skeleton supports all of our organs in the body and our spine helps our brain to properly control the body. That's why if you get a problem with your spine you also could get problems with the associated organs.

The spinal cord that goes straight from the brain through the entire spine is wrapped and protected by the spine's vertebrae. Our brain controll entire body through spinal cord. If your spine is not straight , the spinal cord is placed in the wrong way as well. Than the associated organs get a problem. That's why it's really important to have your back in order and massage can help with that.

How to get best result with massage.

Here in Norway one often think that massage is a luxury treatment, and this is just to relax a bit perhaps once a year.

Actually, massage is a kind of "medical" treatment that requires a serious attitude. You can think of it as of a pill. You need to take a certain amount of pills to get treated the disease. Same with massage, you need to take a serie of treatments approximately 2 times a week to solve your body's problem.

Last but not least, it is very important to do homework besides massage treatments. Massage alone will not help if you do not take care of your body yourself and perhaps do some exercises at home which your massage therapist recommends you to do.